Intimacy with the Holy Spirit 

    1.How prophets Pray 

    2.Discerning the presence of the Holy Spirit 

(Activation 1)

(Activation 2) 

Discerning His Voice and Presence

    1.Discerning the voice of God

    2.Hide and Seek 

(Activation 3)

(Activation 4)

Class 3

God Encounters

    1.Dreams and Visions

    2.Trances and Transports

(Activation 5)

(Activation 6)

Class 4

The Spiritual Senses

    1.Activating the 5 spiritual senses

    2.Seeing and hearing in the spirit

(Activation 7)

(Activation 8)

Class 5

How God Speaks

    1.Seeing in part

    2.Sovereign versus conditional revelation

(Activation 9)

(Activation 10)

Class 6


    1.Wisdom and Revelation

(Activation 11)

(Activation 12) 

(Activation 13)



Class 1

Prophetic Faculties 

    1.Spirit, gifts, Office 

    2.Roeh & Nabi Prophets

(Activation 14)

(Activation 15)

Class 2

Journaling and Confidence in Communication

    1.The importance of journaling

    2.Formatting your journal - revelation, relationship, responsibility, response

(Activation 16)

(Activation 17)


Class 3 

The Watchman Prophet

    1.Standing, Stationing and Seeing

    2.Ringing the alarm - What to do with negative and warning prophecies

(Activation 18)

(Activation 19)

Class 4

The Prophet to Nations

    1.Receiving prophecy for Nations

    2.Articulating prophecy for Nations

(Activation 20)

(Activation 21)


Class 5

Marketplace Prophets

    1.Communicating to Babylon 

    2.Influencing through the prophetic

(Activation 22)

(Activation 23)

Class 6

Ways to Communicate the Prophetic Effectively

    1.Prophetic Worship, Poetry & Painting  

    2.Word of knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Word of Prophecy



Class 1

Navigating the Supernatural

    1.Seeing in the spirit

    2.On earth as it is in heaven 

(Activation 24)

(Activation 25)


Class 2

Partnering with the Angelic

    1.Angels and Prophets

    2.Cooperating with National angels

(Activation 26)

(Activation 27)


Class 3

Warring with the Prophetic

    1.Spiritual warfare and establishing territorial authority

    2.Birthing a prophetic word

(Activation 20)

(Activation 21)


Class 4

Making Declarations

    1.Going from revealing to redeeming 

    2.Manifesting the supernatural

(Activation 21)

(Activation 22)

Class 5

Becoming the Prophet

    1.The Prophetic Mantle 

    2.The making of a prophet

(Activation 23)

(Activation 24)

Class 6 


Going from Servants to Sons and Friends of God

    1.Four levels of sonship 

    2.Becoming the friend of God

(Activation 25)

(Activation 26)



Class 1

The Dream Team

    1.Apostles & Prophets building together

    2.Apostles & Teachers building together 

(Activation 27)

(Activation 28)


Class 2

The Local Church

    1.How prophets plant local churches

    2.The prophetic gifts in the local church


(Activation 29)

(Activation 30)


Class 3 

Prophetic Company 

    1.Building prophetic camps 

    2.Lifestyle Prophetic - Exploring the daily routine of a prophetic family 

(Activation 31)

(Activation 32)

Class 4

Prophetic Presbytery

    1.Building the 3x3 prophetic teams 

    2.Building credible marketplace prophetic teams

(Activation 33)

(Activation 34)


Class 5

Finding your Elijah

    1.The importance of building with a Prophetic officer

    2.Accountability and prophetic order

(Activation 35)

(Activation 36)

Class 6

Schools of the Prophets

    1.How to plant a school of the Prophets

    2.How to become a Prophetic Teacher 

 (Activation- Present a prophetic training on a subject matter of your choice in PPT format)



Class 1

Prophets in Business 

    1.Doing business prophetically

    2.Economic Prophets 

(Activation 37)

(Activation 38)


Class 2

Prophets in Government 

    1.Influencing Pharoah’s through the prophetic

    2.Raising David’s seers

(Activation 39)

(Activation 40)


Class 3

Prophets in Media

    1.Breaking the breaking news

    2.Publishing Prophecy 

(Activation 41)

(Activation 42)


Class 4

Prophets in Entertainment

    1.Prophetic Communication in arts

    2.Releasing the sound of distinction

(Activation 43)

(Activation 44)

Class 5

Prophets in Family

    1.Prophetic Spouses 

    2.Raising young Samuels

(Activation 45)

(Activation 46)


Class 6 

Prophets in Education 

    1.Revelation before Education

    2.Releasing the ‘before I formed you’ word of prophecy

(Activation 47)

(Activation 48)



Class 1

Administration of the Prophetic

    1.In the local church 

    2.To pastors and senior leaders 

(Activation 49)

(Activation 50)

Class 2

Warnings, Rebukes and Corrections

    1.Administering with credibility 

    2.Flipping the negatives 

(Activation 51)

(Activation 52)


Class 3

World Leaders

    1.Your gift makes room for you

    2.Your character will keep you there 

(Activation 53)

(Activation 54)


Class 4


Prophetic Evangelism

    1.How to prophesy to the unsaved 

    2.Administering words of knowledge 

(Activation 55)

(Activation 56)

Class 5


    1.Understanding symbols and their meanings 

    2.Turning dreams into instructions 

(Activation 57)

(Activation 58)


Class 6


    1.Three ingredients of sound prophetic communication

    2.Signs and blunders of the Prophetic 

(Activation 59)

(Activation 60)



Class 1

Daily Habits

    1.7 Daily habits of a Prophet

    2.Pursuing Revelation 

(Activation 61)

(Activation 62)


Class 2

Financial Stewardship

    1.The financial stewardship of the prophetic

    2.How prophets get paid without losing integrity or being transactional

(Activation 63)

(Activation 64)


Class 3

Family Journey

    1.How to bring your family on your prophetic journey 

    2.Being the prophet of your home 

(Activation 65)

(Activation 66)


Class 4

Integrity and Grounding

    1.When to say yes, when to say no! 

    2.Staying grounded in the scripture

(Activation 67)

(Activation 68)


Class 5

Watch and Pray

    1.Learning to Watch and Pray 

    2.Keeping your eyes pure

(Activation 69)

(Activation 70)


Class 6

Being in the 9-5 World

    1.Being a prophet in a 9-5 job world

    2.Holiness on the job

(Activation 71)

(Activation 72)            


Class 1


    1.Identifying the Jezebel spirit 

    2.Uprooting the Jezebel spirit

(Activation 73)

(Activation 74)


Class 2

Religion and Political correctness

    1.Jezebel in the marketplace 

    2.Prophesying in a politically charged environment 

(Activation 75)

(Activation 76)

Class 3 


    1.Recognising the signs of transactional prophecy 

    2.Prophetic ministry abuse of office

(Activation 77)

(Activation 78)

Class 4

False Prophecy 

    1.What are false prophets

    2.What are false prophecies 

(Activation 79)

(Activation 80)


Class 5

Avoiding the Pitfalls

    1.Prophets and Pitfalls

    2.Avoiding evil appearances

(Activation 81)

(Activation 82)


Class 6

Authenticity and Credibility

    1.Becoming the real thing 

    2.Staying the course

(Activation 83)

(Activation 84)



Class 1

Stewarding the mystery

    1.Walking in revelation truth

    2.Making known the mystery 


Class 2

Builder Anointing

    1.Church vs Ekklesia 

    2.Building more than churches

Class 3

Pioneer Anointing

    1.The Breakers anointing

    2.The cost of Apostleship 

Class 4


    1.Building in the new 

    2.Present Truth 


Class 5


    1.Laying on of hands

    2.Equipping the Equippers


Class 6 

Signs, Wonders and Miracles

    1.Healing ministry

    2.Deliverance ministry 



Finding your sphere

End of Year Thesis