National Prophecies

The Lord says, 2021 shall be the year of revival fires vs dragon fires

Dr Sharon Stones 2021 PROPHECY.


Tomi Arayomi 2021 PROPHECY

2021 Prophecy | An angel visited me on rosh hashanah

An angel of the Lord shows up in Tomi’s office and shares this about 2021

‘Judgement is coming’ interview + who will win 2020 US elections | Tomi Arayomi w/ Dr. Sharon Stone

Tomi Arayomi sits down with Prophetess Sharon Stone who predicted Trump will win in 2016 to break down her 2020 word ‘Judgement Is Coming’ and ask her who will win the 2020 elections!

Nigerian 2021 Independence Day Prophecy (God says, "There is a changing of the guard!')

Happy Independence Day Nigeria, I would like to crown this birthday with an early prophetic word for 2021. I believe that these words will give you highway markers for 2021 and guide your steps.

God Said, "Share This When It Happens..."

In 2019 God showed me the passing of a great general in the faith, and He told me to share this when it happens. Stay tuned to the end to hear God's strategy for the hour we find ourselves in.