According to Wikipedia the term censorship is said to be: “the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient.”

But what does this mean if everything and anything can be branded as “objectionable”, “harmful”, “sensitive” or “inconvenient”? Does that mean that anyone and everyone can be censored? And more importantly, are tech giants now the new gatekeepers of censorship?

Last week Watchman News anchor Nissy Tee (Thursdays 7:30 PM BST on RIG Nation) reported on a video that went viral. The video showed a doctor by the name of Dr Stella Immanuel, who came out to boldly counter the argument that there is not yet a proven cure to Covid-19. Dr Stella claimed that she had personally treated over 350 patients who had all tested positive for Covid. She claimed that she treated them with a combination of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax and that not a single one of them died, despite some of them being in their 80's and 90's and many having underlying health issues; which is known to be a reason for a greater number of Covid patient deaths.

The video however, was pulled down from nearly every platform including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as many claimed that the information given was false.

Many people however continued to share it, with some saying that the removal of said video was an attempt to try and silence Dr Stella as it meant that big pharmaceutical companies would be under threat of losing their monopoly on a treatment which would potentially make them millions of dollars. Now while we could spend all of our time arguing on whether or not we believe her claims, it’s important that we focus on an area that seems to be neglected in this very conversation which is: the fact that big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook now have the ability to censor what they want, when they want.

As we all know social media has become very much integrated into the lives of most people in the world. Social media is seen by many as a space where people can freely share information, knowledge and their thoughts/ opinions widely; irrespective of whether people agree with them or not. In short, social media was designed as a segway from mainstream news and media that is constructed in order to suit an agenda. One might even say that social media was designed to disrupt and to challenge the way we consume information… it was supposed to be a space where everyone could have a voice.

And yet it seems that in 2020 between “cancel culture” and people being “dragged” online at every opportunity, it no longer seems like social media is a space for multiplicity of thought, but rather, the reinforcement of an opinion. And that opinion seems to be that of those that are either in control i.e. government or tech companies, or those able to pressure those in control enough until they get their desired result.

So how far must we go until we say it’s too far?

We’re in a time where people look at places like China and say that they are not Democratic, and that they’re controlling. But at least China doesn't hide the fact that there is control.

However, it seems like in other parts of the world such as the Western world that claims to be “democratic”, and “free” there is a birthing of what may be referred to as: the control of democracy.

The more people demand democracy, equality, “progressive thinking” and everything in between, the more we silence, remove and tear apart when it doesn’t fit a specific remit.

So once again, one must ask themselves: how far until we say it’s too far? Have we become so obsessed with “democracy” that we don’t realize we’re selling our souls in the process?

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