When you’ve been ‘sent’ you have to learn to let go.

On Sunday 28th June, Tomi Arayomi was back live with over 600 members tuned in to The RIG: The Pioneers Church with a message entitled ‘Sent’.

And if there was ever a time to talk about such a topic, with everything going on in the world between protests, wars, famines and a pandemic that has claimed the lives of so many, now really is the right time.

Prophet Tomi touched on a number of important areas but the main thread that seems to appear throughout his message is that when you’re ‘sent’ you really have to learn to “let go”.

During the sermon Prophet Tomi said:

“The Lord says, I am releasing you from the congregational and I am releasing you into the confrontational”

This very prophetic word implies that God is no longer in the business of seeing the old being repeated and instead he is calling us to confront the very things that we have been running away from. It goes without saying that the church became comfortable with congregation: as we rely on our four walls to represent the church/ kingdom that we scream about on Sundays. For many, congregation was, and perhaps still is, the key to the kingdom.

But what if, through the various things that we have seen this year that have shook our “normal” lives, is the very thing that was needed so that we could finally be released into the world in order to confront. Tomi stated something that probably shook everyone’s core:

“We’re not casting out devils, we’re counselling devils.”

What if God has been tugging at our hearts for years, trying to get the church to finally understand that “assignment” requires movement! It requires you to step into new territory and to confront the very things that have been in the past, though not necessarily good for you, the very things that have given you comfort because it was familiar.

Could it be that the church became so comfortable that rather than casting out the very things we claim to have authority over “in the name of Jesus”, we have started housing them, with the hope that one day they would leave us.

An easy example to use when thinking about these things is the Israelities. A people, called and set apart by God, but the same people who were so comfortable with what they knew that they were at times unable to and unwilling to confront what God was bringing them in to.

Could this be the church today? So concerned with what has passed that we are unable to recognize what he is calling us to.

Or as Tomi put it:

“God is in the season, he is in the moment to move us into our prophetic destiny, but if we are not careful we will let sentiment keep us from success”

God doesn’t release us if it isn’t time to move. We are being sent, not as a way of adding anymore more fluff in the world, but to penetrate areas of the world that would have once been deemed impenetrable. To reveal God’s love through miracles, signs and wonders, and to confront all the things that the enemy has got his hands wrapped around in our world. But we will never achieve dominion if we haven’t yet learnt to let go.

We were never created to maintain the rules. We were created to break them.

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