On Sunday 14th June 2020 Tomi and Tahmar Arayomi sat down once again for another incredible online service for: ‘The RIG: The Pioneer’s Church’.

The topic for this week: The Strawman: Jezebel In Black Face

As you can probably tell from the title, this Sunday service blew us all out of the water, however there was a particular statement that Tomi made that had to be the premise of today's message.

He recounts a moment in both he and his wife Tahmar’s life when a number of people made many attempts to tarnish their name. Tomi expressed that it was during this time that he felt as though they had lost their reputation.

But while Tomi was worried about his earthly reputation, God responded with a simple yet piercing word: “I didn’t lose my reputation so you could keep yours”.

Imagine that.

Imagine being so concerned with your own reputation and the opinions of man, that you completely deviate your focus from the opinion of God.

Tomi then went on to ask a poignant question:

“What if church PR” as the face of “teas and coffees has gotten in the

way of our warfare assignment?”

What if the church has been asleep for so long that we have forgotten that we were placed on earth with a mission, a specific assignment that needs more than charitable programmes and smiling faces. Now, let’s be clear, as Tomi said during the service, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a representative of love, peace and patience but is that all the church will be known for?

Is that all “your kingdom… on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10) going to equate to?

Or may we suggest to you an alternative. Could it be that the church was called to be so much more?

The government has deemed us a non-essential service when in fact the church should be the most essential service on the face of the earth.

What if God requires us to do and to be so much more. What if God is waiting for us to wake up, stand up and war on the very things that are consuming the earth?

What if God is looking for those that are ready to war? For this nation, for this land, for our cities, for our world.

As Tomi put it in the service: “You were not put in the earth to be a bench-warmer, you were put in the earth to be a kingdom WARRIOR! You were put in the earth for a fight!”

And while we recognize that for many of us it already feels like we’re constantly fighting: fighting through life, heart break, financial issues, conflict with family, friends or even our spouses, every day can feel like a battle.

But what if God is calling you out of your ‘feelings’ and into the ‘field’.

What if God has been calling you out of your ‘hurt’ because he needs you to ‘heal’ in order for you to have a greater impact in the nations?

What if God is waiting for you to ‘stop’ feeling sorry for yourself so that he can ‘supply’ you with the Armour you need in order to fight the battles that he really brought you here to fight?

Are we ready to wake up now or will we continue to be so deep in slumber that by the time Jesus returns he’ll be asking why the very people he had supposedly called and set apart were the same people “still sleeping and resting” (Matt 14:41)

He never said that the weapon wouldn’t be formed but he did say that it wouldn’t prosper.


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