#WATCHMANNEWS | Are we opening a door for peadophilia to become acceptable

In this new update, Nissy Tee exposes the new trans-age phenomenon. Tune in now. Let us know your thoughts

Philippines and Asia 2020 prophecy

On a recent trip to the Philippines, Tomi Arayomi received a visitation from the Lord where He was caught up in a divine encounter during which, God gave Tomi the name of a city that he had never heard of before. As he shared this prophecy with the church, he was astounded as they confirmed that all these things were indeed true. Watch this 2020 word for the Philippines and Asia.

#WATCHMANNEWS | Alleged slave owning black woman could become the most powerful woman in the world

Tune into #watchmannews today with Nissy Tee. Today's segment, how a woman from an alleged black slave owning background could potentially become the most powerful person in the world! (Plus a shocking prophetic vision at the end you are not going to want to miss!)