Welcome to the Issachar Alliance, a prophetic alliance designed for those who are called and chosen. Rooted in the biblical understanding of Issachar, as described in 1 Chronicles 12:32, the sons of Issachar were known for understanding the times and knowing what Israel should do. In the same spirit, the Issachar Alliance seeks to bring together those who have a keen understanding of the times and are ready to align their purpose with a greater vision.


Who should join the Issachar Alliance?

 Independent churches seeking spiritual covering and alignment with a prophetic vision.

Offering spiritual direction and partnership opportunities, assisting in aligning business practices with spiritual values.

Aiming to offer strategic alliances and counsel, bridging the gap between spiritual insights and governmental responsibilities.

Facilitating connections, mentorship, and spiritual guidance to strengthen and expand their ministries.

Why Align with the Issachar Alliance?

The Issachar Alliance provides a new wineskin of apostolic and prophetic covering. This covering will provide prayer support, experienced spiritual guidance and accountability to all participating leaders.

The Issachar Alliance will provide practical and prophetic mentorship which includes live prophetic activations, in-depth teachings and revelatory insights from global leader, Apostle Tomi Arayomi.  This alliance also provides practical marriage and family mentorship through team leadership to help strengthen the core of all healthy societies, which is the original family unit.

The Issachar Alliance provides apostolic and prophetic resources that foster the expansion of biblical church growth, kingdom government and effective marketplace leadership.

The Issachar Alliance provides a safe space for a Global tribe to come out of isolation and connect in deep, meaningful relationships, as they commit to fulfilling the occupy mandate, bring an end to the prophetic famine, and see a manifest revival cover the earth

The Issachar alliance is a relational partnership, with allies from all sectors of society to include government, marketplace, churches, and ministries.

We are a Global prophetic voice committed to restoring trust in the prophetic office.
We purpose to gather a tribe of 10,000 allies in the U.S. & 100,000 worldwide and to provide benefits that will empower, equip, disciple, and raise up a prophetic generation, that will unite in shared values and beliefs.

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